About Us

We’ve googled all the other design agencies & studios around (or whatever you want to call us), to see what they put in their ‘about us’ section and after deliberating for weeks, we think it’s fairly safe to say that talking about ourselves just comes off sounding stupid.

We’re the most amazing, creative, dynamic, results driven – yada, yada, yada…. etc, etc..
It just sounds corporate, creativley boring, and that’s just not our thing.
We’re designers, we love our job and we love the people we work with. it’s a pretty simple story.

If you really want to know about us here’s a few things you might want to do;

1) how about giving us a call, tee up a meeting – it might sound silly, but we don’t bite.

2) look through our growing portfolio. it obviously hasn’t got ‘everything’ we do in it, but it’s a start.

3) check our client list at the bottom of the site, give em a buzz and see what they say about us.

4) check twitter, or linkedin and ask our friends about us, we trust their judgment.

5) If you got this far down the check list, you’re probably a stalker and you know everything about us already. move on please…