QCD Workshop

We’ve been working with Qcdboards and with one of the worlds leading bodyboard Shapers, our good friend Todd Quigley for years. Over this time, between Todd & ourselves we have had a blast working on all kinds of advertising. from underwater shoots, to studio sets and everything in-between.

Coming into the 2010 Summer season, between us, we really wanted to create some extra special and truly meaningful advertising for the brand. We wanted to really explain to the customer what QCDboards was all about.

We came up with the idea of letting customers fully understand what the process of custom bodyboard shaping is all about. to really bring the customer into the Workshop – To educate everyone in a cool way about the difference between skilled custom shaping and computer cut factory production.

This idea grew into ‘The Workshop’

The Workshop is an ongoing live campaign with advertising & video episodes on all the elements of Custom bodyboard shaping.
What started as a small idea over 12 months ago has spawned into 5 episodes so far with plenty more to come.

to view the Video episodes check out the Workshop over at qcdboards.com

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